Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Government House

The Government House is where the Lieutenant (pronounced Left-tenant) Governor resided. It was built in the early 1900's to house the Lieutenant Governor and family. As a British commonwealth, Canada is governed over by the Queen, and the Governor General, in her absence (he or she is the appointee of the Queen). In each province, the Lieutenant Governor oversees the Province. This house was for the Lt. Governor, but in the 40's it was taken over as a hospital for WWII warriors, after that it was left pretty much abandoned and condemned, until someone decided to try and get it back together again. Since all of the house items had been sold in the 40's, they set out to recover them. So many of the pieces were recovered, and others were not...so the house is on display now with some original pieces, and some that are not, however they are class and era appropriate
A buggy used for official ceremonies now

It's the Queen's Diamond Jubilee this year

Shoe shine equipment hangs inside the main entry
A cool pool game with 3 balls and no pockets

road kill?

Nice hat box
draperies over the doors

copper tub in the master bath

Purple shows the Dominion of Canada, orange the areas that were still to join the Dominion, and that area was governed by what would become Regina, SK
We put together a puzzle

First Nations in the Prairies

Baby nursery. There was a room and wing for the governess and the children

toys in a childrens nursery

We found Jocko! He was the monkey (pet) of the Rt. Hon Forget (Four-zhay), the first Lt. Governor of this home

Dancing in the ballroom

Waving their royal flags from the back of the train carrying the Queen and Prince Philip

RCMP Mounties - then and now

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