Sunday, July 15, 2012


This will likely be the last of the vacation pictures! Pictures I was tagged in on facebook, mostly from Amy's camera (Kaden's girlfriend). Enjoy one last look of all the cute faces:-)
chocolate pudding. breakfast? at Jay & Liana's

Our Nessa!

Wedding ready

Who wears them better...Kaden...

or Brian?

Vienna Eden, or Via, or V, or Via Maria, or CUTE AS A BUG!
Brooks & Amy (Kaden's girlfriend)

Keaton and Grey...doing stuff, I guess

Keaters does not look too happy!

Jillaine, getting food for Keaton. It's good morning at the Kennedy house (one of four anyway:-)

Amy & Janessa, best buds

Marshall. He's so blonde!

We fit a lot of people into a car:-)

Amy & Nessa

Ready for the wedding!

Photo booth pictures by Auntie Tilly (Chantelle)

Grey & Amy

Kaden & Amy. Cute.

Working on Kaden's house! Messy business.


  1. Love all the pictures :) They were some GREAT moments never to be forgotten.

  2. DEFINITELY Kaden wears the glasses better :D

  3. agreed!! But they are Kaden's glasses, so maybe that's why. Plus, youth + coolness are on his side:-D