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Travel Summary

Alright here's the story. I know I've shown some pics, but here's what went on, that I didn't really capture on megapixels:-) If you don't want to read it all, read the last paragraph only. I promise it'll be worth it!!

We set out as a family for our trek. I was SUPER excited about the shortened flight, layover and travel times, compared to going to Alberta. It was so completely manageable and I loved it. So did the kids. We had to layover in Minneapolis, but bad weather took us the long way around. So far around in fact, that we were too low on fuel to make it there! So we landed in Duluth to refuel. Then on to Minneapolis. Thankfully bad weather delayed everything, so we didn't miss our connection. The kids did not sleep on this first leg, but were excellently behaved.

Kenna commented at one time, "flying isn't as fun as I thought it was". I had to remind her that it was in fact pretty boring:-) Grey did so great. Especially compared to last year. When we began our slow decent (generally losing altitude, but not coming in for a landing yet), he could sense that we were coming down a bit would shout out loudly and excitedly "WE'RE GOIN' DOWN, MA! WE'RE GOIN' DOWN!!" Much to the amusement of everyone around us. Thankfully there didn't appear to be any nervous fliers around us, or they might have panicked:-) Flying around the storm had us go through quite a bit of turbulence. More than I remember having on any other flight I think. We all were holding on tight, and Brooks says "This is so fun!". I guess if you can detach yourself from the knowledge of impending crash and burn, the bumps are a little fun. Ignorance is bliss in case. To echo Grey WE'RE GOIN' DOWN! Haha.

We arrived in Regina, SK none the worse for wear. Between all family members, 4 houses are owned in Regina. Mom & Dad and Jared & Liana live only about a km from each other or so, so we mostly split up between those two homes. Davis & Dani's home is a little farther away, and Kaden's is near, but under massive reno's. We all fit well! We stayed very comfortably with my brother and his wife and daughter. Along with my other brother Brent, and his wife and 2 boys. And 2 of my sisters, and a brothers girlfriend. Then we'd shuffle over to mom and dads during the day to do stuff. My Grandpa and a Great Aunt and Great Uncle came for the wedding too, and they stayed with my parents and all my other siblings/wives.

We really really enjoyed the city. It is not a huge city (pop around 250,000 I think), but it has a "big city" feel to it, with lots to do and plenty of stores and shopping etc. The weather was very hot, and beautiful. The sun is up quite early there. By 5am, it's high in the sky. This makes sleeping for the kids hard as they aren't used to that.

It was nice to be able to run to Timmy's for donuts and coffee at breakfast!
Jared is a business developer at a technology & software company, Kaden is a framer, Davis is the building manager of a large church, Dad teaches guitar lessons, Danielle is an accountant, Liana is a nurse, Janessa works p/t for a real estate agent. Most people didn't have time off work while we were there, so that scheduling was all factored into our days.

Well, there was a lot of people there, and a lot going on. As I'm sure you can imagine. The head count of people we had to keep track of and feed was 26. That's a lot of people and schedules! Some highlights included - touring various places, RCMP museum, Al Capones tunnels, Lieutenant Governor's House, the Legislature.

Brian, Brent, Logan, Kaden, Davis & Brooks went gopher hunting two times. Brooks got to shoot a 22 by himself and did great! They got a few gophers and 1 windshield as trophies (windshield was a ricochet and an accident:-/)

Dad, Brian & Brent headed up a work crew at Kaden's new house to demo it and begin repairs. For 3 days most of the guys and teenage girls were busy working there, and they got the interior all demo'd and Brian, Brent and Dad rewired the entire house!

A bunch of people (including Lehman, he was amped!) went to a very late showing of The Avengers. They didn't get home until 1:30am I think!

Jared & Liana (sweetest hosts ever!) one night surprised Brian and I, and Brent & Chantelle with gift cards to restaurants they thought we'd love, and babysat the kids for us, so we could get away and enjoy a quiet and relaxing date away from all the crazy. Brent & Chantelle went to a steak place, and Brian & I went to a place that serves SK food (like rabbit and stuff), but it is a really high end place. So we dressed up and went out! "Should I wear jeans and heels, or my long dress?" (maxi dress). Brian: "Jeans, I hate that dress". Laughing, oh. "I hate the Little House on the Prairie look". So jeans it was! (I maintain he knows nothing about style). It was a really nice night! Brian got bison (served with an almost raw egg on top!), and I got some kind of duck tacos. The food was EXCELLENT and so unique! When they came out before the meal and served us a strange looking (teeny) pile of something called beet tar-tar (cleanses the palate?) we knew we were in for a dining experience we don't get often. It was a really fun night.

Top it off by coming back home and playing catch phrase with everyone. Highlight of that game: (the word was "sky") Liana "Oh! oh!...Land of the living..." blank stares from the girls team. I think I said "Sun?" Nooo! It beeped out on her. How could none of us have known the motto for SK?! We rewrote it anyway, now it's land of the living sun. :-)

We went swimming at the Tyler's hotel (good family friends from AB in town for wedding). It had an amazingly fast twisty water slide, and Brooks' actually tried it by himself! (That is a very brave move for him!)

Liana and I took all the kids to see Madagascar 3 in the theatre. It was Vienna and Grey's first time to the movies!

Grey was given a Peterbilt model truck from Grandpa. Major highlight for him. We can't let Peterbilt out of our sight now.

The dogs seemed to be mainly of interest to Grey. Katana and Piper were his buddies and he loved them!! Just before leaving, he cupped Pipers face in his hands and kissed his nose. Aww! It was pricelessly adorable.

Tim Horton's - (and Cold Stone). We had a massive family "couples" date to Timmy's/Cold Stone. It got cut short with a call from the Tyler's - they arrived in town!
"The crown jewel of Canada" The Bulk Barn - Lehman took the kids there and let them pick out their own candy too.
Annabelle makeup
Gripe Water (with alcohol)
...the only thing they don't have is a Swiss Chalet! 
All Dressed Chips - My favourite chip flavour of all time. I have to eat a bag every time I'm home!
Smart Set

I thoroughly enjoyed my fix of my Canadian products, foods and candy!! If I'd had more room in my bags, I would have brought it all home!

all with me! I got a spider bite on my arm in VA before I left. It kept on swelling/growing for a full 7 days with constant application of benadryl cream. It was so itchy. It finally subsided and started to get better. The day after we got there, I lost a filling in a tooth! It's a back molar, on the side of the tooth, with no pain or sensitivity at all, so I left it. I called the dentist when we got home, and they are on their scheduled whole office closed down for vacation week. So it can wait a little longer I guess. I bought a temporary filling putty thing that you put in the cavity, and it seems to work like a charm! We'll get it filled again next week. Thankfully, no sicknesses and no stitches needed this time!

Other than the normal family jamming, Lehman especially had to practice his cello, and the last week we were there, he was attending "cello camp", much to the dismay/partial boredom of my kids. They missed him! He is quite accomplished and is making the rest of the family famous around the conservatory...seems like everyone has heard of Lehman:-) He's worked so hard and can be very proud of that! He practices for 2 hours every day.

We had a chance to go see the Linden String Quartet perform. (2 violins, 1 viola, 1 cello). It was an AMAZING show. The cellist in the group was instructing Lehman during the "camp" week. But his normal cello teacher is a world famous cellist from England, so he's under very good instruction.

Traveling home alone with the kids...they were so great!! There was no behaviour issues, they were quiet, calm, nice, good, etc. Perfect travel buddies. Grey slept on the way home, the entire 3 hr flight. We were very glad to see our Daddy again!

We stayed in SK 5 days longer than Brian did. On Wednesday morning I get a facebook note from Brian "Call me this morning" Ok, a tad unusual, but no problem. I give him a call. "Last night, after I hung up the phone with you I went to bed (12:30am), and then I heard this noise, so I turned on the bedroom light and looked around...and a white nose peeks in the bedroom, from the livingroom, and scurries under the bed!" A RAT?! "No, it was a POSSUM!, about 10 inches long and really cute" {freaking out} DID YOU CATCH IT?! "No, I ran over to Lauren's house and slept there" {lol!!} GREAT. What a gallant defender of our castle against intruders:-/ How did it get in?! "I *may* have left the garage door open" Translation: I definitely did do that (from garage into house). Well, he did try to trap it with a live trap, but it seems to be gone, praise the Lord! I'm hoping he decides never to visit us again, or I'll have to move out! Who else gets a possum in their house? My Crazy Life, indeed.

Did I forget anything?!

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  1. well I read it all! sounds like a great trip. glad you had so much fun!