Monday, July 23, 2012

Canada, Remembered

A few little questions about our trip. Click here to see the last interview I did with them, after the last time they were there, in 2009. (I gave Grey some of the same questions, but had to probe him a little more than simply asking the question by itself and give him a few options. His final answer is listed)

When you think about Canada what do you remember most?

Brooks: I like thinking about playing with Maryn & Lehman because that is my favourite thing to do with them. Because I missed this yellow house but then we went to Canada and when we left Canada I was very upset, and now I don’t like this home anymore.
Kenna: The thing I would imagine is being with all the little kids and having fun with Vienna, and Marshall, and Keaton, and Grey. The next thing I would imagine is being upset to leave, I was not upset to leave this house, because I like Canada.
Grey: Two Wunner (Road Runner)

What was your favourite thing to do there?
Kenna: Jumping on the trampoline
Brooks: I liked playing xbox
Kenna: oh and I forgot, my next favourite thing was the wedding
Brooks: My favourite thing was the wedding too
Grey: Piper (the dog)

What was the best part of the wedding?
Brooks: I like when I saw the ice cream
Kenna: I would say all of it. I just loved all of it.

Who is your favourite person?
Brooks: Lehman
Kenna: My favourite is Maryn & Janessa
What about everyone else?
Brooks: I would say I like everybody
Kenna: yah cause we like Canada
Grey: Piper, or wha'bout Gampa?
What part of Canada did we go to?
Kenna: We went to the movie fee-de-or (theatre)
Brooks: and on an airplane
Kenna: and to Grandma & Grandpa's house
Ok, ok, but where did we go we live in Norfolk, Virginia, and they live in...
Kenna: Rye-riss, A-skatch-awan
Brooks: Kuh-skatch-awan

What was the best food you ate while there?
Brooks: dinner!
Kenna: Brooks that isn't a food. Mine would be hot dogs

Of all the houses there, who's house was the best?
Kenna: I would say both Grandma & Grandpa's and Jared & Liana's I can't pick the best. They both have dogs that I like and they both have people like I to play with, so I'd say they are both the same. Kaden's is all crapped up.

How many airplanes did we take to get there?
Both: TWO!
Grey: Um, no we don't fly in the 'ky

What was your favourite chore?
Kenna: cleaning up the dishes, because Piper licks them
Brooks: cleaning with Grandma, I did all the garbage bins, they have allll these garbage's, and a big bin that is very disgusting smelling

What do we do at the Bulk Barn?
Brooks: we pick candy!
Kenna: I picked gummy worms
Brooks: I picked sharks
Kenna: Just so you know, Grey had picked sour dinosaurs and so did Marshall
Brooks: No, they were just regular
Kenna: well, they could have been sour

What was your favourite instrument?
Brooks: Bemember what we did Kenna? We played the cello in Canada!
Kenna: Yah!
Brooks: But we didn't use that stringy knife
Kenna: I would pick the harp
Brooks: I pick cello
Grey: I play da drums!

When do you think we'll go back to visit?
Brooks: when I get my pass-a-port
Kenna: after this summer, then on the next summer maybe one of those days we will go there
*Brooks is right, his passport expires soon, and I told him we'd need a new one before we go back again:-)

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