Monday, July 2, 2012

Al Capone

Moose Jaw is about 40 minutes from Regina, and Moose Jaw is the location of Al Capone`s infamous tunnels. He came to Canada during the prohibition in the USA and then made liquor etc and bootlegged it back to the States. He built extensive tunnels under the city, so no one would know of his enterprise. He was finally discovered when the street above collapsed down through a tunnel.

We were not supposed to take pics on the tour, but I did sneak a few when no one was looking:-D
The main building. I am actually unsure of what businesses were run out of the abouve ground portions

An above ground home. Al`s bed.

In an underground room, this was a telephone switchboard where they would listen to conversations to make sure they weren`t about to get caught

Another room underground. You can see some barrels of alcohol. Notice the walls...the tunnels were narrow and not very tall, and all made out of the stone walls.



Al Capone. Can`t win forever.

This is the street that collapsed leading authorities to discover the tunnels and what he was up to.
It was a really great tour and sooo interesting. I`d always heard Al Capone had a link to Saskatchewan with his criminal enterprise, so it was well worth it to go and walk the tunnels firsthand. I went on this tour with my Grandpa Shantz and my Great Aunt & Uncle, Ken & Elinore, while all the other adults and kids went swimming at a pool that is a mineral spring, and was very warm, they said. A fun day in Moose Jaw!

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