Sunday, July 8, 2012

Drummers - Video

Of all my little siblings that are now adults...the one I find hardest to accept is "my little" Kaden. Kaden is now 19 years old...but in my mind he's just about 2 years old. Cutest, smiliest kid ever. Grey has lot of his movements/behaviours and body build - and when I think "Kaden" in my mind, I think of a little Grey-like guy. Rude awakening to see him now. He's definitely all grown up! He was my little "favourite" as he seemed to like me best of all the little kids. He'd sneak into my bed for cuddles in the morning, and eat all my flavoured lip glosses off my dresser:-)
Kaden Steven Gregory, then. Every time I see that little face, I just want to pinch those cheeks!!

and now! No cheek pinching allowed anymore. Boo. He's such a nice guy!
Kaden, an AMAZING drummer, didn't start playing the drums until he was much older than this...but maybe Grey will follow in his footsteps? He seems to have a knack for it!


  1. haha yes Kaden will forever be known as the smiley pudgy little guy with the chubby cheeks that everyone loved to pinch! I was just remembering today how he used to adjust all of his pants so that his chubby belly could hang over the top! Crazy to think that he has a house now! That must mean we "big kids" are getting really old!!!

  2. That's TOTALLY how I remember Kaden! I was just saying to Tim I can't believe how grown up he is. And Grey on the drums? Definitely a natural! Good grief, I've got rhythm, but there's no way I could pull off coordination like he's got :D hee hee

  3. Note: Grey was playing the drums there having NOT seen Kaden or anyone play them before...Kaden was still in AB at a wedding, none of the rocking jam sessions had taken place yet. So was very shocked that he seemed to know what to do, without having anyone to imitate!