Sunday, July 15, 2012


The kids had a blast at Avalon Hills' VBS this week, it was soooo well done and loads of fun for the kids! Thank you to all our friends at AHBC for your time and effort. We really appreciate you all! It was called ElemenTwelve, and everyone (leaders) was dressed in camo etc. It was like a secret military ops training facility. I think the purpose was to teach them to combat the Enemy, with the Word of God. I *think*. I'll work on driving that point is what they got out of it...(I promise you, I couldn't even PAY them to come up with anything funnier!!)
Crazy camo face paint!

What did you learn about?
Kenna: Satan
What about Satan?
Kenna: he is mean
Brooks: and bad
Kenna: and evil and he wants to hurt people
Brooks: and he likes bad guys, earthquakes and tornado's. And he puts up the stops signs.

What else did you learn?
Kenna: We learned about the Bible being good. We learned about this girl. She was lost in the forest, and her dad said to follow water, and she only had 2 candy bars, and then she found a little house, and they took care of her.

What did you do?
Kenna: We went down a wall
Brooks: a climbing wall
Kenna: No, a climbing wall you go up, this one we go down. It's a down wall.
Ok, what else?
Brooks: I went in the arctic room, it's supposed to be cold, but it isn't
Kenna: Yah, they make you wear mittens and you can see that the ice is made out of cardboard

What did you get to buy?
Brooks: a fart whistle and a punch balloon!
Kenna: I bought 2 silly bands for Jack and Brooks, and a rubber ducky for Grey.

Kenna: I did also get cotton candy and ice cones
Brooks: me too

So, next time you see a wretched stop sign, you know who to blame! :-)

Another funny...

Kenna, inspecting our friend Jack's take home work book: Well, that is a nice try, Jack. But the debil (devil) doesn't really look like a monster. He's more like a man, with horns, and a fork.


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