Saturday, July 7, 2012

Music in SK

Lots of music in the Kennedy house! Here are some video clips of group ensembles and jam sessions throughout the time we were there. I have marked out above each video when each new song starts, in case you don't want to watch it all. It was soooo wonderful to sing/play/hear all this great music!

Nothing was planned or rehearsed, so it's just happening as it happens. Off notes and all - we all loved every second!!

Janessa, Jillaine & Maryn singing, Dad (Dave) playing guitar First up, Hell on Heels, and at 2:15 Lemondrop

When I Said I Do – Logan piano, Kaden guitar, Amy, Logan & Kaden vocals (Amy 1st&; 2nd verse solo, Kaden 3rd verse & final chorus solo)
4:08 - Hallelujah – Kaden vocals and guitar 6:37 – A Short clip unknown song by Kaden & Amy
6:54 – Logan piano, Kari & Logan, vocals – Blessings

Politically Uncorrect by Maryn & Dad

Boys Rock-out session! towards the end I marked a few songs as {pretty}. They are not rock songs and will be enjoyable to all who do not enjoy the loud rock stuff.
Song 1 (Logan guitar, Davis bass, Kaden drums)
song 2 – 1:06 (Logan guitar, Davis bass, Kaden drums)
song 3 – 1:38 (Logan guitar, Davis bass, Kaden drums)
more cowbell song - 2:12 (Logan guitar, Davis bass, Kaden drums)
song 5 – 4:04 (Logan guitar, Davis bass, Kaden drums)
song 6 – 4:30 (Logan guitar, Davis bass, Kaden drums)
song 7 – 5:22 (Logan guitar, Kaden bass, Lehman drums)
6:06 – Lehman, drums
6:16 – Davis guitar, Logan bass, Kaden drums
6:31 – Logan guitar – guitar “slapping” song (pretty)
7:40 – Logan guitar – using only a half capo instead of a full one (pretty)
8:56 – Logan guitar, Logan & Kari, vocals Safe and Sound (pretty)

Many evenings we all sat and visited and sang some old hymns! There is nothing better than those songs, they make your heart SING!

Leaning on the everlasting arms (Darla, Maryn, Kenna)
:21 Come Thou Fount (Darla, Maryn, Kenna)
:54 There is a Fountain (Darla, Maryn, Christa, Kenna, Katie)
2:15 Tis So Sweet to Trust in Jesus (Darla, Maryn, Christa, Kenna, Katie)
3:48 He Leadth Me (Darla)
5:34 Wonderful Merciful Saviour (Darla, Maryn, Logan, Kari, Christa, Kenna)

In the Cross – Kari, Amy, Darla
:20 What a Friend We have in Jesus – Darla
1:30 Amazing Grace – Kari, Amy, Darla
2:10 Tis so sweet to trust in Jesus – Kari, Amy, Darla
2:33 – Leaning on the Everlasting Arms – Kari, Amy, Darla
3:08 – The Old Rugged Cross - Kari, Amy, Darla
3:34 – Redeemed – Kari, Amy, Darla
3:57 It Is Well – Kari, Amy, Darla
4:35 Because He Lives – Kari, Amy, Darla, Dave
5:26 I’ll Fly Away – Darla, Kari, Dave, Amy
6:26 There is a River – Darla, Kari, Dave, Logan
7:58 To the River – Kari, Darla, Logan
9:20 Romeo & Juliet – Darla


  1. To see Kaden, Logan and Amy sing "When I Say I Do" at Amy's sisters' wedding, check out Kari's blog!

  2. THOROUGHLY enjoyed by all! The boys have said they want to go to visit the Kennedys to hear them play their jam session live. LOL

  3. okay first things come we have never seen Janessa and Jillaine's singing captured on film before?? You guys are great! I knew Maryn could sing from previous videos, but you girls were a surprise!:-)

    Love the boys jam session too! and the hymn sings certainly made me homesick...I remember singing all of those songs together back when we were just a simple its a whole choir! I definitely missed out!:-( But you can bet I was humming my part right along with you guys!

    Thanks SO much for the posts - the music ones are always my fave as it brings back so many good memories and also I love seeing the progression of talent and new voices and instruments joining in!

  4. I didn't know they sang either. Surprise to me too! They are so good!

  5. well Lauryn we are so good cause we learned from the best (the best being you and Darla) ;) And just for the record Jillaine and Maryn are both WAY better than I am.

  6. haha - thanks for the compliment! and all 3 of you are really good! Your voice and Maryn's sound alot like Darla's actually. Jillaine has a slightly different sound...maybe that's what I sound like...but since I can't hear myself, I wouldn't know!

    The first time I listened to it, I didn't realize that you were each singing separate lines (the "you made me pretty, you made me smart..." part) and then when I realized it, I had to listen a few more times to hear each of your voices separately because when in harmony I couldn't tell who was who!