Saturday, July 7, 2012

Classical Music

Vienna and Logan, on piano

Lehman, on his cello. He is working on his grade 8 for cello.
Jillaine, on the harp. She has just finished her grade 6 harp exam
Logan and Via, dancing to the wedding music (practice), starts at :59 (She was bit by a spider on her cheek, hence the big red dot! It took forever to go away!)

A bit of Lehman's performance in an orchestra


  1. Wow! Vienna has got the groove!

  2. Love these music posts! Lehman and Jillaine, you guys have gotten SO good! Jillaine congrats on your exam and Lehman congrats on your competition win! I still remember the very very early days...with a whole lots of screeching coming from those string instruments! You guys have come a long long way!:-D

  3. Janessa is also very good at the violin. Somehow I missed getting her on tape.

  4. I don't think you guys have heard me play in person, have you? But mom does have a video of me playing at one of my recitals she just hasn't put it on the blog yet.

  5. Well let's see this video then!:-) I believe I attended your first ever recital back in AB - I'm sure there's been alot of progress since then;-)

    Does Maryn still play as well? She was hilarious when I first saw her...she would sing "motorcycle motorcycle" as she played but instead of fixing the wrong notes to match her singing, she would continuously change keys of singing to match her screechy playing;-)