Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Date Night

Brian took me out on an impromptu date last night. Impromptu meaning, when he came home from work, dinner was 5 minutes from ready, and I was in the middle of making him apple turnovers:-) We fed the kids and hit Qdoba before window shopping for a relaxing night.

Brian has been in charge of the Woodard Group for 2 weeks now...the owner of the company took a European 3 week cruise...leaving Brian to steer the ship back home, as it were. So he's been just a little busy handling all that entails. He bid out some major jobs, and got them, which is great news. Unless he bid them wrong. Then it could be terrible news, haha. Anyway, he's enjoying the challenge, but it's definitely lots of work! So some time off to stroll around and talk was great! (And great to have my mother in law in town for easy babysitting!)

I posted and tweeted a few pics while we were out - window shopping was mostly just that - except for a few really great deals we couldn't pass up. We spent $40 total, but got 3 pairs of shoes and a hat! Not too shabby!!
Brian has a thing for green! (and UnderArmor?) A great deal on a hat. Taking a call to catch up with a friend that just moved away. He looks pretty tired, eh?

Hello. $10.99 shoes? I LOVE YOU!
Cool comfy shoes for Brian too, and awesome navy blues for me.

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