Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Faces Again

More candid shots of various people:-)
Lehman with Grey, Marshall, Brooks & Keaton...and the Blackberry

Mom, Danielle, Liana & Maryn...washing potatoes for dinner

The girl cuzzies! Kenna & Vienna

Davis with Via - she loves taking pics on her digital camera!

Maryn with Grey & Marshall...and the "greenberry" (aka Kindle Fire. The blue Etch a Sketch was dubbed the "blueberry")

One Jess is not very happy with the other Jess...(Janessa's nickname has always been Jess, and now there's a Jess Cooper in the family too!)

Grey & Marshall - bonded over technology

Keaton Asher

Brent & Brian - also bonded over technology

Lehman and I are "matchers"...we have the same sweater

A couple Prairie Chickens landed in the front yard

Via & Piper

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