Tuesday, April 9, 2013


There were some hilarious moments playing games and stuff...a few that top the list in my memory, I know there are many more I am forgetting...

Lehman's dialog clock :-)

Kaden: Oh, ok, I think this is an island. Or actually a group of islands
Group Answers things like Caymen, Hawaii, Trinidad, Bahamas, etc
Kaden: Ok, so the first part is like a frying...
Group Answers: Pan! Panama? Panama Canal?
time runs out...
Kaden: ooooh man. Well it was panorama. I have no idea what that is
we all died laughing

Lehman, on wrestling: Well, I'm not really good at it because I only ever wrestle Dad and he's all soft and squishy

Seeing a commercial on TV
Darla: Oh brother, they're bringing Jurassic Park back again?
Lehman: Oh yah eh? What's Jurassic Park?
Darla: It's what made dinosaurs cool...from years before you were born...back when there were only 5 kinds of dinosaurs and one of them was a Brontosaurus

Liana: oh! Pastor Craig's last name!
Group just stares blankly...who is Pastor Craig? Everyone on her team is from out of town:-) For the curious, we now know, it's Glen

Logan telling Brooks he'd love to come visit us in VA
Brooks: Well, ok! Ours is the dark blue house, on the end of the street

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