Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Sun Care

I get asked a lot, actually, why we aren't more tan, living where we live.

And I say, have you SEEN the trees surrounding my house? We have 24/7 shade:-)

In all seriousness, though, this post can serve as your public service announcement. Sunscreen is bad for you. Conventional sunscreen, like you buy at any and all stores...causes cancer? Well, I won't go so far as to say that, because I can't personally prove it, but google it. If you love free radical cells spinning out of control (cancer causing), lather up! It is not healthy for your body, not one little bit.

I take my chances against the sun, than those chemicals on my body, and especially on my kids, any day of the week. I'll end my lecture, but for reals, do some research. Sunscreen is scary business.

I have never put conventional sunscreens on my kids - although it's happened - because other people own it and put it on them when I'm not looking, but I try to avoid it, and try to subtly share my feelings on the subject, and will share my alternatives with you.

We choose our sun light hours carefully. We don't go to the beach from 10am to 2pm. Not unless we are forced to, really (by other people, a party to attend etc). We go to the beach usually from 4pm to sundown. The sun is past it's peak, and you will (I am evidence of this) not even tan if you do this:-)

If we have to go out during peak hours, we wear tees over bathing suits, and hats. When going "after sun hours" we don't bother with those extra measures, or even sunscreen at all, unless it's unusually sunny past 4pm.

I don't mind the kids getting a little sun on their faces. Not a burn, but a tan. Like I said, I'll take my chances with the sun over all the man-made chemicals any day, using wisdom of course. But when the sun is really really bright, and I'm worried about getting a little pink...

I do have a sunscreen that I like. I really suggest going to Badger Balm's website and click on the Education tab. There is enough info on there to keep you busy for hours! Anyway, the sunscreen is natural. Uncoated non-nano zinc oxide is the only active ingredient. Which means the zinc oxide particles are larger than 100nm...this means it is not absorbed through the skin, the way even other "organic" or natural sunscreens are. Read about that here.

The sunscreen needs to be rubbed in a little more/longer than conventional ones, and will not completely disappear - it's a little white looking. Benefit, when swimming, you can see when you need to reapply. Benefit, you're doing all you can to ensure the health and safety of your kids and their futures. Un-benefit, perhaps you don't look like the coolest cat on the block? But who cares about that. Your bodies lack of free radical cells is thanks enough for your geeky sacrifice.

The non active ingredients are all natural as well - all things you have heard of and can pronounce, like olive oil and jojoba oil
I love the stick for quick face applications throughout the summer days!
 Other than the sacrifice of a thin "whiteness" to your skin when wearing this, and really, if you rub it in real good, it's not noticeable, this sunscreen works like a charm. You will be protected from the sun and not get the burns we try to avoid.
 Another terrible chemical concoction is bug spray. And this one is a bit harder to handle - it's hard to find an organic, non toxic bug spray that actually works!! My kids (Kenna especially) are mosquito magnets. I have found this spray to be very comparable to conventional sprays (without Deet). It's all natural and smells amazing. The ingredients list is long, as you can see, but it's entirely plant based, and all things that you can pronounce. No chemical compositions at all. I'm almost out of it, and need to order more. The smell is addicting, though, we love it:-)

 So there is my 2c on the subject, with my fave products that do a smashing job while not sacrificing your health in any way. Sold!

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  1. We love Badger sunscreen :D except for it's difficulty in finding at a good price in Canada :0/ so we've been covering up more and using Kinesys 30 from Costco...still a 3 on Cosmetic Database, but I'm ok with it :D