Monday, April 22, 2013

Sock Boxing & Wasp

Yesterday was a fun day, and a weird "first"...Grey got stung by a wasp, which is something the other two have yet to experience. We were at our pastors home for lunch, and he has a bit of a "hobby farm" kind of yard/grounds, so he took the kids out to show them seems the wasp flew into Grey shirt collar area, and likely only stung him in an effort to escape his entrapment. Grey was very brave, barely cried for a second, and thankfully, it didn't swell (only got a little red), or require antihistamines or anything. Whew! Braving life in the country like a champ!
Today Grey grabbed some folded socks out of the laundry and put them on his he could box, he says:-) It was simply adorable.

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  1. I love hearing Grey talk, he has the cutest voice and accent EVER!!!