Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Milk Bag Alternative

I am from here:
Markham, Ontario, Canada
Where milk comes like this:
in bags
Oh milk bags. I miss you...
Although useful, they were also the bane of our existance growing up...WASHING MILK BAGS. Ugh.

But they do save a lot of money - as you don't have to buy as many ziploc bags for lunches and snacks.

Enter these guys:
Re-Pac bags. They are not free, like the milk bag, but they are as useful, and easier to deal with!
 I got a Groupon for these Re-Pac bags, making it 3 for $10, instead of the normal 3 for $22...pricey. I would not have bought them at $22, actually. They are approximately the size of a ziploc as you can see above.

They are great for snacks and things that do not need to be airtight. Like their freebie cousin, the milk bag, they are not completely sealable (they zip with a zipper), so you still need ziplocs for certain things, and for marinades, etc. Anything requiring airtightness, really.

The advantage they have over their freebie cousin, is that a) they are available everywhere/to anyone and b) NO WASHING!

Well, you definitely do wash them, by one of three methods, the dishwasher, the washing machine, or by hand. Really only 2 methods, as washing by hand is the most ridiculous option, ever.
The insides are a waterproof-ish material. Wash in dishwasher, and done.
I love these because they are saving me money with not sending ziplocs with Brian's lunches, and they save the environment from a little extra plastic, and I don't have to WASH THEM!

My kids do not know how easy they have it.

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  1. I SO FORGOT ABOUT WASHING MILK BAGS!! What, were our moms friends or something? ;0)