Saturday, March 16, 2013

Kenna's Birthday

Kenna turned 7 yesterday! Time FLIES, now doesn't it?
Kennedy Shea - March 15, 2006
Kennedy Shea - March 15, 2013, with her birthday cereal!
We had a normal/relaxing day. I let the kids off the hook for math, since they LOVE it when I allow them to skip a day.
Kenna did some Easy Baking for us, and made these cake balls

She was given a nail kit, including press on nails from Sonny & May. She's changing up her nails about every hour, on the hour, now:-)
We had Noni over for dinner (Dale was working), and we made our homemade pizza (one of Kenna's favourite meals). For dessert...CAKE. Well, actually no, no cake this time;-)

She has given me extremely detailed instructions on how she wants her cake. She even drawn me pictures. It's 3 tiers. It's covered in butterflies. It looks like a wedding cake. I was able to talk her down off the ledge and suggest something a touch smaller, at only 2 tiers. We'll see how many butterflies we end up with...but since it will still be way larger than we need, we will have it on 24th, when we are having a get together and a going away for our friend about to leave on deployment with the military. So since the cake will feed an army...we'll have it then. Stay tuned for pics!

So in lieu of cake on her actual birthday, I made homemade Shamrock Shakes, just like "Hot Donald's" does (this is what Grey now calls McDonalds, strangely). They were delicious and a huge hit!

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  1. Happy Birthday!!! I love you sooooo much<3 <3 <3