Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Flowers - Video

I had some leftover icing and decided to try my hand at a butter cream rose. I have literally NEVER tried my hand at one before. But I did watch a youtube video a few weeks ago, and I thought the process seemed manageable. So here is my very-first-ever attempt at a butter cream rose. It actually...worked decently well. I will definitely need more practice, practice, practice, however, it was not quite as difficult as it appears.
This is my second-ever attempt at a butter cream rose. Here it is still on the "nail" used for decorating
And here it is off the nail. That is a part that is a little tedious. Gotta be very careful! All in all, I think I did it pretty good!! It was actually really fun, so you know what I will be practicing with my leftovers from now on:-)

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