Monday, March 25, 2013

Bright Eyes

I recently got a great Amazon local put on canvas, $90 worth for $35, and free shipping. Yessir! That is as cheap as you can get canvas prints, I'd say! They arrived the other day, and I love them!!

One thing that has me captivated is their eyes on the canvas. They are so brilliant and beautiful. They each have such blue eyes, yet completely different shades and hues. And they all have different, yet similar eye shapes. I won't give you any hints as to who takes after who, in my opinion, but can you tell who's eyes these are? The only hint I'll give is that in each of these pic the kids were smiling, so these are their "smiling eyes".

These pictures kind of don't do justice to the hues and colour variations that exist in real life, but you can take a stab at that too if you want (lightest, brightest etc:-)
#1 = ?

#2 = ?

#3 = ?


  1. I asked Grey for a guess, and he said "Dose are all MY eyes" :-) Kenna got all 3 correct, Brooks only got his own correct:-)

  2. Grey is 1, Kenna is 2 and Brooks is 3? They all have really pretty eyes though.

  3. grey is #1
    kenna is #2
    brooks is #3
    final answer

  4. Yup, same guesses as above: Grey, Kenna, Brooks. Amazing how different their eye shapes are, I've never noticed stuff like that. Definitely beautiful eyes all around!!

  5. Most of you got it right! Grey, Kenna, Brooks. Brooks' are closest to mine and are also the brightest/most vibrant blue. Grey's are closest to Brian's, and are the greyest blue (ironically). Kenna's are like a combo of Ann's & Meghan's and are the darkest blue.