Monday, March 18, 2013

Lightning McQueen Cake

I started today on Grey's cake. I have both his and Kenna's cakes to make this week. His birthday is on Thursday, which is also the first day of t-ball, so I wanted to get a head start on it, so it's easy peasy on Thursday.

He wanted a Lightning McQueen cake, and I didn't want to buy a cake pan...I saw an idea online awhile back, but now I can't find it - pinterest? another site? anyway, here it is!

Find a colouring sheet online and print it off. Enlarge if needed. Cover over with wax paper and secure both with tape so they don't move around. If there are any letters or numbers, REVERSE the image before printing. (This is something I didn't really think about until I was done and had backwards numbers)
Melt coloured chocolate wafers and start piping the design. Remember, what goes on top when you see it in reverse is what goes on the bottom when you are decorating. Like the blacks of his eyes, before the coloured part.
All done the details, now its time for the red!
And he's DONE! Pretty cute right? When I looked at him I was pretty bummed that I didn't think to reverse the image, 'cause now the 95 is a backwards 59...I considered redoing the whole thing, but, he's turning 3...he doesn't know how to count to 95 yet:-), so I think I'll just leave it. Once the cake is baked and iced, I'll just put this on the top. Done. Pretty easy right?

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