Thursday, March 21, 2013

Grey's Birthday

Happy Birthday to the baby of our family! We adore this kid with all his quirkiness and fun personality!
His birthday cereal...and its gf, so Brooks can have some too!

Snack time - huge lollipops Grey got for his birthday!

I was baking up a storm today...I made 9 cakes! The table was all full of cakes and baking, so we picnicked on the living room floor! Ardyn, and spunky May. She's turning into one of those kids you have to watch every minute. Cute as a button, but totally mischievous!!
Grey's cake. It's red velvet. I applied the chocolate Lightning McQueen I made the other day, and it looked great! It tasted wonderful too, and was a quick and easy cake.
I made gf cupcakes for Brooks

Big birthday boy!
Tucking him at night, he suggested I go take a picture of him, all wrapped up:-) He's sleeping with his Mater Tormentor toy, a gift from Sonny - he loves it!

It's been the coldest March since we've lived here. Can't really believe how much it still feels like winter!! Today it SNOWED! Not for long, and of course it didn't stick, just blew in the air, but WOW. It was soooo cold. The kids had their first day of t-ball today, and they were freezing out there (I watched from the van - wimp).

Here is some footage of the snow, and of Grey's happy birthday song!


  1. He is SUCH a cutie! Happy birthday Grey!

  2. I love how he is singing to himself! I Love You Grey <3 Happy Birthday! I can't wait to see you again!!