Sunday, January 29, 2012


I saw something online, and I liked it, so I pinned it (on pinterest, of course). It was this pic:

I really liked it, but it wasn't perfect for me...I'm inspired! I began working on my own, and came up with this: Words for my boys to be encouraged by. Wisdom for boys, wisdom for men.
By the time I was finished and checked my email...WOWSERS. My pin of the original pic had been posted 433 times in less than 3 hours. I call that being EXTREMELY popular with people I don't even know. I had a brief moment of proud pinning! Never before has anything I've pinned been re-pinned more than once or twice. So yay. I can cross something off my bucket list. I managed to find something that was interesting to all! I'm gonna pin my new version too, and see if it gets any love, :-D

My new version is at the printers, and I think I will antique it, as I did the word art, and will put it in the boys bedroom.

If you would like a copy of the one I made for your own home, comment with your email address and I'll sent it to you. It's made to be 11x14. I'm working on a girls version for my daughter too.


  1. that's so cool! how do you make things like that ... I have some ideas swimming in my head but not sure how ...

  2. Love it--beautiful job! Totally interested.