Sunday, January 8, 2012

The Extras

Many times people are confused as to who is in my house on a daily basis. Here's the scoop on "the Extras" as I affectionately dub them. With a house full of 6 kids, ages 5 & under...there is NEVER a dull moment, and always a poopy diaper to change! It's definitely a full time job (plus some, really!), but I wouldn't trade it - it allows me to bring in a paycheck (which we need), but also be home with my 3 kids, and homeschool 2 of them - while attempting to control the mess and clutter. We love our Extra kids!

Sonny aka Sonny Bunny and Son
He was born Jan 2010. He's a pretty easy going kid - has a cry that will rock your world and send you running for the hills:-) But as long as he's happy, he's a gem. He can be a sneaky one, you have to keep your eye on him or he'll quietly run off (which I am not used to, as my kids do nothing, I repeat, nothing, quietly). He's not a big eater, but loves his milk and Capri Suns! He is a very obedient little boy, and we're hoping that rubs off a little on his play-mate, Grey;-) Sonny is here Mon thru Fri, Sept thru June, from 7:45am - 4:30-45pm

Ardyn aka Ardy and Arda
She was born Dec 2010. She is the baby sister of Jack, who we used to babysit, until he started school. She is cute as a button, and full of opinions. Although she can't talk yet, she "yells at me" or the other kids to let us know exactly what her little heart desires. She's not really fond of sleeping, and eats like a horse! She started walking over the Christmas break, so it has been fun to watch her toddle around! Ardyn is here Mon - Fri, Sept thru June, from 8:30am-5:00pm

May aka Baby May May and Maisy Daisy/Daisy Maisy
She is Sonny's baby sister and was born Oct 2011. She is calm, quiet, sweet and cute. It will be very interesting to watch her personality grow and see what she's like. For now, she's the perfect little newborn. She's so cute and chubby, we love "pinching" her chubby little thighs. Ah! We love fat babies! She of course, is here like her brother, Mon - Fri, Sept thru June, from 7:45am - 4:30-45pm

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