Thursday, January 19, 2012

Organize 2012

Things just eventually go downhill. It's the nature of things. One of my goals in 2012 is to work on all the problem spots and improve them in some way to make them not such a problem,resulting in a more organized and functional home. We don't have a lot of space, so we have to make it count! Of course we know I have very little cabinet space in my kitchen (2 sets of uppers, this is one of them, the other holds dishes). Anyway, this one is always kind of a disaster!
The bottom shelf is the main issue. YIKES!

All beverage only items removed from the cupboard. TONS of stuff. Yikes. I gave away 3 boxes of brand new, unopened tea, and condensed the rest (different brands, but all peppermint tea, for example)
Now it all fits in reasonably and isn't mixed with the spices. And I'm not buying any more tea until the tea we have is gone. I've decided I can still be a good host without an infinite number of choices. Since we are limited on space, we have to limit our stuff too!

Done! I put all my spices in a basket, so hopefully that will solve the problem of them spreading out and tipping over etc. I sorted through all our meds and vitamins and threw away the expired things, and was left with an amount that fit nicely in the space I had leftover.


  1. Nice! Have you thought of a spice rack that hung on the inside of your cabinet door? Or even on your wall? we have a very limited cupboard space too and I seriously desire something like a spice rack. LOL

  2. It would be a thought...but I don't have any money to put towards something like that. Also, we really have no available wall space, and the nature of the cupboard doors wouldn't allow for it, so I'd have to get really creative with that one! Since my counter space is also very small, I prefer them in the cupboard over sitting on the counter...I just have so many spices, but I really do use them all in various recipes!