Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Fashion Accessory

Well, for the past few years (during and since my pregnancy with Grey) I have been experiencing throbbing in my lower legs, sometimes thighs, and sore tired feet, and itchy, itchy, constantly ITCHY calves. Also, I have a "bruise" looking spot on my left shin thats been there for over 2 years (appeared during pregnancy). I guess I never really thought much about it all, I just assumed I was too tired, or it would go away over time or ??. I don't know. It really didn't concern me much until recently, when suddenly it struck me like a ton of bricks...

Why am I putting up with this? Why don't I get it checked out? What could it even be? Note to self: Never type random symptoms into the computer. So, after Google confirmed that I was dying, rapidly, I decided I should likely book a doctors appointment and get it checked out.

My symptoms were actually similar to those of vericose veins, except I have no bulging visible veins at all.

So a trip to a vascular specialist - I have a hereditary breakdown in the valves in the veins of my legs. Compression hose for awhile, and if that doesn't fix the problem, we can consider an ablation laser surgery. The "bruise" is just a cluster of veins close to the surface. If I don't like the look aesthetically, they can inject some meds into the vein that irritate it and shut it down. No blood in vein, no bruise-look. I don't know if I'm really that vain (haha vain veins:-D). We'll see. It's been there so long, that I don't really think about it. I have a follow up appointment and ultrasound of my veins in April.

Well at least I'm not dying! And let me tell you what, as un-sexy as compression hose might be, wow, do they ever work. After wearing them for only hours, I could see a remarkable difference. And let me tell you, its been been YEARS since I have gone an hour, let alone a whole week without pain in my legs. It is amazing how much low-grade annoying pain wears you down without your knowledge. Once it's gone, it's like WHOA! I have so much more energy and haven't put my feet up once since I got them. Really amazing. Also, no more itching. Incredible!

Thankfully it's winter, so they only look like trouser socks under my pants (they go up to about an inch below the knee, and they are black). They are my new fave fashion accessory. I wrestle them on every morning and couldn't be happier about it. I guess after the ultrasound in April we'll see how everything looks and if the laser surgery will be recommended or necessary.

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  1. that is great news! I'm so glad the compression hose are helping. :)