Sunday, January 29, 2012

Word Art

This is a "word art decor" type of thing (my mom makes these). All of these places are special to us...our first date, where our kids were born, where we got engaged, etc. Such great memories. I had it printed at my local photo-printing store, in an 8x8 size. It was printed as matte, but still had that "photo/picture" look, and wanted something a little more authentic...
It started like this. A black and white photo.

It ended like this. I love it.
I used spray adhesive (Brian's, in the garage:-) to stick it to chipboard. Then I took a craft sanding block from Stampin' Up, and starting sanding it. It started revealing the colours "underneath" that the black is comprised of. As I rubbed away some of the black, blue, turquoise and brown came up. I love love LOVE it!
The sanding block. It got stained a little from the blue coming out of the picture.

A close up so you can see the detail of it. Pretty neat, right? It definitely has the painted and aged sign look that I was going for. The random blue was unexpected and couldn't be more perfect (I thought it would just dull the colour, but this was way better than I could have guessed)

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  1. I LOVE it! Love how the colours came through too! Great job! ♥