Sunday, January 22, 2012

Jump & Dance - Video

A little sample of the jumping-wiggling-head-shaking-dance. Brought to you courtesy of Lleyton Grey, 22 months old. We feel like he takes his moves from all the best. Elvis, Beyonce, move over, here he comes:-)


  1. He got some pretty sweet moves!

  2. HOW did he grow up so fast?? He's definitely mastered the jumping, something Carter hasn't even tried yet, and look, he was singing there at the end! Cute cute!

  3. I know! Kinda sad right?! He's been jumping for awhile successfully (two feet off ground), I'm not sure why...we do have a trampoline and the kids go wild on it, so perhaps that aided in getting the motion down. We still have 2 months of a 1 year old. AHHH. Loving every minute