Monday, January 9, 2012

Get to the point already!

This is guaranteed, well lets just say, if you're the type of person who... no, you know, sometimes, when you think about life you, well, if we were to ask everyone here what they thought...

they'd laugh. Enjoy! This one gets me everytime!!

For all my Canadians, check out short clips from me taping the tv, haha. Sorry hulu doesn't work in Canada:-(, it's not the whole of the skit, but a major part of it anyway. Too funny!(and no, he never does actually get to the point, he just goes round and round:-)


  1. too bad....can only be viewed in the USA. You'll have to tell me about it!:)

  2. LOL it was so funny, you can view it on You Tube!

  3. That is funny but also I am afraid sounds like me. Do you think I am funny? ;)

  4. You're funny enough, lol:-D Sometimes I feel like I know people like this, and sometimes I feel like I am this person! Must run in the genes:-)