Monday, January 16, 2012

A Lazy Weekend

We had a peaceful weekend, full of love, laughter and each other! Brian did have to work some on Saturday, but we did manage to have a date night sans children, I think for the first time since dear Janessa left us (sniff sniff). And we did lots of movies, snuggles, stories and games too.
Making some orange juice...

Wearing pj's all day!

We've entered the phony smile phase. Great. My fave:-/
He's a very handsome little guy...thanks to the long hair (to cover up those ears:-), he gets called a girl fairly often. He is mystified as to why. I tell him he's just too adorable, so don't worry about it. We're gonna take him to a place and get him a "skater style" hair cut that Brian can then maintain.

 This picture was actually taken by Grey. He is a camera and phone expert. He actually answered my ringing phone the other day with a "Allo?" and seeing what he'd done, I accidentally hung up on them trying to wrestle the phone away from him. This is my kitchen table after lunch:-)

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