Sunday, January 29, 2012

Special Day

Brooks had a "Special Day" with Dad on Saturday night. It started out with Brian wanting to take him to a game and invite a few men/friends along too. It morphed into wives also coming, so it was 4 couples, and Brooksie!! The girls had a blast talking, visiting, and sorta watching the game. The men...I don't know what they were doing, but they seemed to have a good time too:-) I snapped a few pics down the row of Brooks and Daddy enjoying some manly time together.

It was Brooks' first time at a hockey game, (we don't have the NHL here, but we do have an AHL team). We forgot to mention to him how LOUD it is there, but he did ok. No tears, and only a few shocked looks and covered ears:-) He loved it!

Licking cotton candy off his fingers

Wearing his Flames jersey, with Daddy in his Rangers one (and "Uncle" Sam in his Flyers jersey too)

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