Monday, November 29, 2010


Brian's family came down for the long weekend, and we had a great time! I was out of batteries for my camera, so I didn't get very many pics:-/ We had a fun time together, playing Apples to Apples, which Brian didn't like, because there was no strategy involved (meaning, he couldn't figure out how to win:-). We went to a matinee at the "fee-de-or" and saw Tangled (so cute!), and even hit up one (only one!) sale on Black Friday to pick up Brian's Christmas gift from my sister Lauryn. Because of the sale and the coupon I had, I was able to get him more than originally thought. Yay! We even set up the Christmas tree, and almost all the other Christmas decor (still have a few things to do today), and spend a day with friends. A FULL 4 day weekend! And other than about 3 hours of time, Brian didn't have to work at all, which was amazing, rare, great...we didn't even know what to do with ourselves and all this time off. It felt like much longer than four days. Anyway, here are some pics!
A place setting

I was WAY "ahead of the game", or so I thought. I made place tags for everyone in match the dishes we would normally use. But less than 2 weeks before Thxgiving, we were given China from our friends leaving for the mission field. It's really pretty, and I just had to use it, especially because my Grandma Shantz had made a navy blue table runner and napkins for me. Perfect match. Unfortunately the name tags no longer worked as well, but we used them anyway!
Kenna made her own place tags, with her own name on each one:-)

Eating some appetizers while we cook! We were thoroughly stuffed, of course!

Making dinner rolls! I used my Great-Grandma's recipe, and made them 'pull apart' style. Very yummy! I'll have to post the recipe.
The hat boy was in love with Meghan's hat. Even with a large flower on it!

I had to pull out my large craft table for enough room to seat everybody! Then we put the food on our regular table, and it was perfect! Enough room for all!

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  1. Hope you were able to have a great Thanksgiving (U.S. style, of course). I think of you often as I miss my family and being home to celebrate special times. Btw, you're super-mom. =)