Thursday, November 25, 2010

Check, Mate

Last year for Christmas, my brother Lehman (who was 11 at the time) gave us a "Redneck Checkers" game. He made a rustic checkerboard, and with the help of some of our other brothers, working at a Recycling Depot, collected different coloured beer tops for the game pieces. For whatever reason, the kids are recently into "playing checkers" but don't take kindly to my 'interpretation" of the game (=correct). They prefer their own method of randomly placing pieces in patterns, and jumping helter-skelter all over the place. I've given up on the educational aspect of it, and just let them do what they want. It gives me 30 minutes of peace and quiet:-)

They want to get into chess, but the only set I have right now is a decorative one, from Russia, and they aren't allowed to touch. Oh how they wish they could! They like to look at the pieces and ask what each one is called. Seeing how they take to checkers, I can only imagine how chess "lessons" will go. Fearless Prediction:  Bobby Fischer, they are not.
Brooks and Jack, checker champs!

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