Monday, November 22, 2010

Soccer Ends

Saturday we played our final game of the soccer season! The kids were sad to see it end. Until next year!! Kenna will old enough to play tee-ball in the spring, so we might have her do that, we aren't quite decided if we should yet, or wait until next year when Brooks can play too. Next fall we'll have a new "first" two kids on two separate teams...two games times...argh. Maybe Mommy will wimp out and request that Brooks move up to the 5 & 6 age...It's the super-easiest EVER now, with only one team and game and practice to worry about each week:-) I'm soo lazy:-) Anyway, a few pics of the final game!
Chubba Bubba!

Kenna, Gabrielle & Lane, playing with Grey

K & B were numbers 7 & 8 this year. They love to play together!

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