Tuesday, November 30, 2010

No picture today...

...and when you find out why, you'll understand!

Brooks asked if he could go outside this morning after school. Sure! He rounded up his flip flops (super warm today) and headed out.

He made it about 2 steps, dropped his drawers, and peed on the porch.


"I had to go to the bathroom before I play"

No Sir! You are not stranded in the woods! You are 20 feet from our bathroom! That is for EMERGENCIES only, and when you are home, there are no emergencies. We have neighbours! Now they've all seen your naked bum! And now all our visitors have to step in your pee!...those last two were in theory anyway, it was a very thorough lecture:-)

Guess who's porch got washed today? I really don't know what else to say, except, BOYS!!! No other explanation needed, I guess.


  1. haha, we just had nearly this same episode a few days ago with Eli! He peed on a fresh bowl of cat food, which we had right outside our back door! WHY??

  2. lol I can definitely see that being an issue for us! Being out in "the woods", kids around here are taught to go pee outside while they are out there instead of coming inside. I can imagine that there will be a few of those moments when we are in public!

  3. If we lived way out in the country, I might not have minded (provided it was on the grass), but peeing on the porch while facing the street, and about 10 houses/neighbours with a clear view...uh yah. Not appropriate when in a neighbourhood!!

    Sarah, LOL. Boys have weird brains I think. Only explanation.

  4. lol I don't mind out in the woods and agreed... out of sight of the house and NOT on my grass (what grass I have lol). I can just see him dropping his pants in public one day... it has been known to happen around here