Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Brooks Reading - Video

I tried to catch some of Brooks' hilarity while learning to read. The boy cannot sit still, but still manages to learn something anyway. I think. His blending of the sounds is getting much better, but he sounds it out, then says "Just regular?" ALL the time (to pronounce it the normal way). Haha! Enjoy!

Puh-at, just regular?

Fat - like my Momma's tummy!

It's um, oh yah! It's um, oh yah! Um....


  1. Hilarious (about the tummy)...I'm sure he meant when you were pregnant with Grey. You look great, Darla. Leave it to kids to say the crazy things. =)

  2. oh my word, darla! Can I say American Accent???? Hahaha......"ayyyyyat." I'm gettin there don't worry. ;)