Friday, November 12, 2010

The Stats!

We all had doctors appointments yesterday! Here are the results, in pounds and inches, as well as the percentile they are in for their age. Everyone is healthy and happy, so we're good!! The Body Mass Index thing is kind of strange to me...that they do it so young now, but I guess they have to, to keep everyone from over eating at McD's!, anyway, K & B are both really skinny, yet the % sounds high to me, but I don't really know how that works (maybe the higher number means you are thinner not fatter). As long as they are deemed healthy who cares what the number are, really.

Height = 39.5in (15%)
Weight = 36lbs (37%)
BMI = 16.7 (83%=healthy weight)

Height = 38.75in (50%)
Weight = 36.5lbs (77%)
BMI = 16.9 (81%=healthy weight)

Height = 28in (90%)
Weight = 22.8lbs (greater than 97%)
Head circumference = 18.11in (97%)

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