Sunday, November 7, 2010

First Official

It's Baby G's first official haircut!! I say official, because, he's already had more haircuts than we could count (at least 8), but those were just cutting the dreads out of the back of his head. His long hair in the back dreads up when he rubs his head in his sleep. There is no untangling those suckers, so we cut them out. As I'm sure you've noticed, he really needed a trim. He constantly bats the hair out of his eyes! Brian started cutting it this morning unannounced, and before I could get an official 'before' pic. Guys are just so sentimental like that right? :-) So he'd already had some work done by the time I got these...
Dreads = cut. Top/Front = working on it. Sides = still to go

Can you tell where the dreads were?

We'll say he's less than thrilled with his new big boy look

And now's he's 15. Booooo! I hate it when that "baby" look is stripped away from that first haircut. He's all boy now! There's no turning back!


  1. well done! but I agree, he's looking far too grown up now! what's happening to our baby boys??!

  2. Looks cute... still miss the babyish locks though! However I can see how they would drive him crazy

  3. It's was just getting a little too ridiculous, and we have family pics coming up, and we want him to be settled into his new style by then and not have it looking freshly cut. But I miss my BABY! I can't believe how the time is flying!