Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Two March Birthdays!

Well, our little baby girl is TEN! Wow! I guess I made a Mommy faux-pas - no pictures of her cake and party. Oh no! We had my Brent and his wife Chantelle in town, visiting us for the first time ever, and we has so much fun. But in all the fun I missed pics of the event. We had a little party for her, and it was all "Saint Patty's" themed...and basically mint oreo in it's flavour:-)

I made her a naked cake, stacked with mint chocolate and oreo "cream" filling, it was delicious! And then I dipped mint oreos in green chocolate, and dipped pretzel rods in green chocolate, and her favourite foods, SOUPS! I bought bread bowls from Panera Bread, and made homemade chicken noodle and homemade cheddar broccoli, and then reuben loaf.

We invited our missionary friends from Papua New Guinea over, which was fitting, since they were the first ones to ever meet Kenna, when she was just a few minutes old! We were glad they were in town to enjoy that with us. And having a REAL Aunt and Uncle in town (from the Kennedy side), was and FIRST!! That was huge!! It made it a really special #10 for her, for sure.
And our little Grey - We were having fun with our family in town, and just about to leave for our secret trip up to Canada, so we hit the easy button on his birthday. Another first for our family, the only time we haven't made them a cake/dessert at home to celebrate! Instead, we all went out to eat with Aunt & Uncle to Red Robin (yum!) and he got a free dessert ice cream sundae for his birthday, so that was pretty special. I guess I missed getting his birthday cereal pic, but he chose Cap'n Crunch Berries this year:-)
Waiting for our table at Red Robin.
We are so grateful for these two kids, and were so glad to celebrate another year of life with them!

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