Sunday, July 24, 2016

Baseball 2016

We had a fun season! It kicked off in March and finished up in June, and all three kids did really well. Grey is a good "rules follower". He played tee-ball on a team with Sonny, and the both of them did SO well. It was fun to watch them. Grey seems to enjoy running the bases the best - He likes to run fast, and seems to see a base runner in front of him as some sort of call to action - it's a race! He will race up to his teammate, and overtake them, "beating them" to the next base or home, LOL! The look of determination on his face as he runs is the cutest. Another funny thing about Grey - his giant orb head...His head is significantly larger than all the other children his age, and finding a batting helmet that fits him is a struggle:-)

An early morning no makeup selfie with Grey Grey - we had to do a lot of waiting and watching, as tee-ball games are only 45mins ish long, but the older two play for about a full 2 hrs.

Brooks was a star hitter. He is still in a coach pitch league, so that helps (they are throwing "nicely" and want you to hit it, not strike out), but even still, he's developed a knack for the timing of it all, and gets a decent amount of power behind most of his hits. He only struck out 1 time the entire season, and hit lots of home runs! He batted a TON of runs in each game, and it was not unusual for his team to win by 10+ points. That wasn't all Brooks, but he was definitely a major contributing factor there. He, perhaps strangely, didn't really seem to noticed that all the other kids thought he was a great hitter. He just went about his game, with a unlike-Brooks sense of humility that was sort of refreshing to see. Whew, he's growing up!
Kenna - well then there's Kenna - here in the South they say "Well bless your heart", and mostly, that just because there isn't really anything else you can say, but you want to be nice. So about Kenna, and baseball, we just say Bless Her Heart. The poor dear. Although improving greatly since beginning to learn the game years ago, and while she is athletic in many ways, I think it's safe to say that this will never be her thing. She was on an all girls softball team this year, and wasn't intimidated by the much older girls on her team. Which is a good thing. They were all super nice to her too, which was also a good thing, because she's terrible. But there's only so much damage you can do in deep left field, and she did try her best:-)
We had a fun season! It went by too fast, as always, but I'm glad for my Saturdays back - until football and soccer start in a few weeks;-)

Brooks - first hit of the season
One of his home runs
 Just another random hit I happened to catch on video

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