Monday, July 25, 2016

Sugar Scrubs

So this Christmas brought me a new obsession. And when I say obsession, I mean it quite literally, can't. get. enough. Sugar scrubs. I don't know why I never used one before. Or really ever heard of them before. A friend made me a homemade sugar scrub as a Christmas gift, and it was so amazing. In case you're weird like me and don't really know about them, sugar scrubs are just basically sugar and oil, and you rub it on your skin in the shower to exfoliate and moisturize. And it feels so great! The thing I noticed, and that I liked the best, was how CLOSE of a shave I would get after using on my legs. And how great it was for rubbing on my calloused heels. The only thing I didn't love, was that in a really hot shower, the sugar would "melt" faster than I wanted it too, - I wasn't done scrubbing and so I had to use more. Not really a problem, but still. When I ran out I googled how to make it, and Pinterest to the rescue. There are about a million recipes to try, and trust me, I'm going to try them all, eventually!

I decided to make a Coffee Sugar Scrub, because the coffee won't melt away like the sugar will, so you can get a really good scrub! I would encourage you to pick a recipe on Pinterest that sounds good, and give it a go. I would say an approximate guide to know if it's a good one is that the "dry" or "scrubby" bit should be at least double the volume of the coconut oil (I've only made coconut oil based ones, personally, and that does seem to be the most common base oil used)

My original one was white sugar, coconut oil, a little bit of vanilla extract, and peppermint essential oil. When you make it, maybe start with 1C sugar, and 1/2C coconut oil, and then add a bit more sugar if needed to get the right texture or consistency.
I made one with white sugar, coconut oil, and lime essential oil. Possibly my fave. The smell was amazing!

The one in the picture is ground coffee, white sugar and coconut oil. I think I did about 1/3C coffee, 1/3C sugar, and a bit less than 1/3C coconut oil, and that fit in the container I was going to use.

I have so many more I want to try, thanks to Pinterest ideas! I don't want to make any batches too big, so that they run out faster and I need to make more! Wahoo!

My skin has literally never been better. I use on my body, and even my face, though not the face every day/time. My eczema is pretty much gone. I think that's because of the coconut oil, but whatever the reason, I'm just loving these scrubs!!

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