Thursday, July 28, 2016

Photo Session(s)

Enjoy the pictures and commentary put to music:-) (Youtube copyright issues keep "muting" the song, it won't allow it to play - sad face - I choose to put these pics to Teach Your Children Well - by Crosby, Stills and Nash, so put that on in the background, and enjoy!)

We hired a photographer to capture this "historic gathering of the clans", and it turned out really well. It's very hard to photograph that many people all at once, and I think they turned out pretty good!

Here are the still shots from the video above

And then the informal photo session. Mom had the idea to line us up according to who likes who down the sounds easy but it was actually very very hard to do...

Age order from oldest to youngest
 But apparently we all look enough alike, that it's hard to separate everything...
Height Order
But if you heard us talking (bickering) about it, you'd swear we think we look nothing alike. Are we even related?

I do *Not* look like HIM!

I can't stand next to *her*

You think my nose looks like THAT?!? Seriously?! Seriously?

All said with the Michael Scott "ew yuck" air. Like we were all the ugliest ever. I mean, not me. I'm fine. But them. Haha. The whole thing made me laugh!

So we didn't make Mom's job easier. Though some among us might blame her for suggesting the idea in the first place, and bringing up such apparently personal insecurities, bahahaha!!
Here is the Result of one kids looks morphing into anothers, as Mom lined us up.

It might have been easier to start off by asking us who self-identifies as a Kennedy, and who self-identifies as a Shantz. That might have made it a little easier. Maybe.
The Girls - Jillaine, Lauryn, Janessa, Maryn, Darla
The Boys - Davis, Logan, Lehman, Jared, Kaden, Brent

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