Friday, July 22, 2016

This Month...

The test results are in! In our state, yearly standardized testing is required for homeschoolers, and we were excited to see the results. (Grey didn't get tested, as grade 1 is the first year for testing, and he just finished Kindergarten). Kenna scored "High Level" overall, and Brooks scored "Highest Level" overall, and they were quite pleased with themselves. Brooks puts forth minimal effort and interest with his school work, generally, but does well. Kenna did really well this year at improving on her reading, comprehension, and spelling. Although she "tests fine", I know that she is not as strong of a reader as she could be, and same with comprehension. It's just something that does not come easy to her, yet, but I think it will get better as her brain develops more. One of the advantages of homeschooling is being able to work with the kids on an individual basis to meet their needs, and I like that.

Brian's commitment to scaling back on work hours has been coming along wonderfully! He went from 90 hours of Woodard work, (plus Youth Group commitments) per week - which was really just a bad thing in lots of ways - so we stepped out of Youth Group for a little bit, and scaling back work through hiring of new people and delegation and turning down "difficult" (night and weekend) jobs has all helped GREATLY toward accomplishing a less-stress life. Last week he logged just 46 hours, his lowest weekly hrs yet! 55 hrs seems to be pretty achievable and is working really well for our family! Pray with us and for us as we keep our priorities in check.

We swim everyday unless it's raining of course:-) Our lovely neighbours are retired, and don't use their pool at all, but we have free reign, and aren't shy about using it! It's so so so nice to be able to have that, we are so grateful to them for letting us use it whenever we want. We still go to the beach, but walking across the street is just a little less commitment involved, since we don't have to drive there. But there is always something magical about the beach for sure.

We've been having lots of playdates and lunches and fun! It's the first summer in about 3 years that we haven't traveled (saving that for the fall!), which is both a bummer, and cool! My facebook timehop keeps showing me "this day last year" and it's amazing to me how much a shambles this house was last July with the ripping out of everything. It's so nice and comfortable now! Time sure does fly!

My summer goals are fairly consistent year to year - try to never use the oven. It isn't always possible, but I think so far this summer, I've only had to turn it on 4 times, and that's always for baking dessert things, so I think I'm doing ok! Lots of stove top, grilling, and fresh foods! Taco salad is a massive fave around here, as are chicken gyros, so we do those once a week probably. And burgers. You have to OD on burgers since you won't get them through the winter. Kenna still asks for her all time fave - homemade chicken noodle soup - and doesn't seem to understand my "that's a wintertime food" designation:-D


Pole-ish: Such a fun frisbee game - anyone can play (if they can throw a frisbee, even at all - like I can play too, haha!)

Our 24 Family Ways: A wonderful family devotional book that Lauryn recommended to me. It's even got colouring pages included for young kids.

Cold Brew Coffee: It's easy to make, and it's delicious! I don't like to sweat drinking coffee, and this does the trick!

Peppermint: Peppermint essential oil - it's soooo cooling. On the hottest of days, a little on the neck and it cools you down! We love to use it all the time, and then we smell like York Peppermint Patties. That's got to be a huge advantage, right?!

Nails: Jamberry gel polish (and wraps), still a fave. I just love having my nails done, and not having to do them very often

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