Wednesday, April 8, 2015


Spring has arrived full force!! Time for seeding the lawn, and lawnmower repairs, and allergies...:-(

Here are some pretty pictures from around our yard
It's my Lois Mary Exquisite! I transplanted it here, from Ontario, last summer, and it looks like it worked! I am an epically bad gardener, so I was surprised it made the long journey and survived being planted here! This Day Lily was created and named for my Auntie Lois, who passed away from cancer.

This tree is really pretty, but kinda stinky

Don't know what these are, but they are cool looking!

Two buddies, "hunting" in the lake

While us girls were out exploring nature, the boys were happily creating

Then we got the exciting news (via hysterical shouting). Kenna and May found a "SEA TURTLE" in the lake. Oh happy day
May decided she would catch it with the Lacrosse stick.
Probably due to all the shouting and poking in the water, the "sea turtle" disappeared. May said "Oh well, the sea turtle just got eaten by a shark!" Cue my constant reminders that is is not the ocean :-)

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