Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Mom Down

It's been a long time since I've been sick. Or sick enough to be out of commission. This weekend I was feeling the allergies - the pollen was literally blowing through the air in visible gusts, and it's EVERYWHERE, even inside the house when you dust. But I was pushing through, as always. Then the Rangers games and impromptu party did me in. I haven't eaten much sugar/any sugar at all in a really long time (like, since early January). And on Saturday night, I had soda, a piece of cheesecake someone brought over, and candy. It was likely all a little much for my body to handle and pushed me over the edge!

I woke up in the middle of the night with a fever and was basically totally out of it all day Sunday. Brian dressed the kids and took them to church. Then out on a special Daddy date for Mexican after. He made them dinner (a salad & bread) and it was apparently the BEST meal they've EVER had. EVER. Ooookay then.

And I slept. I couldn't keep my eyes open at all!! As often as I was awake, I was using my oils - My sinuses and head and throat hurt, and my fever lasted off an on most of the day. I literally had no energy for anything but sleep. By Sunday night I was starting to feel better and my fever broke. I slept well that night, and woke up feeling ok - good enough to function semi-normally anyway.

Things I learned while I was sick.

1. I think that I already knew this, but maybe I'd forgot. Without my constant help (via encouragement, bossiness or doling out chores and responsibilities) my family is completely helpless.

2. I need to work on the whole clean up as you go thing - without a Mommy reminder

3. My husband does not know how to use our washer or dryer.
They had used every.single. plate, bowl and cup that we own. All the glass, all the plastic, everything. It took me 3 dishwasher loads to work through it all. Literally every room was just like this, or worse, HAHA. I'm so grateful everyone is alive, and well. But really. Moms are just super necessary:-)

Googling my symptoms, I think I overcame a sinus infection, or the start of one. The oils I used to pull me through and get me back to normal within 24 hrs for my Monday.

Thieves - on my throat, and in hot water with lemon and honey
Peppermint - on my feet to control and cut my fever
LLP (lemon, lavender, peppermint) - on my sinuses
RC - on my chest
Sacred Frank - on my neck and swollen glands
PanAway - on temples and back of neck for headache
Purification - on bridge of nose for suffiness
*I also started using Thieves diluted in olive oil on my neck/glands on Tuesday when they were still swollen. That really seemed to be the kicker!

I also took a really long hot bath with plenty of epsom salts and lavender.

Today, (Tues) my throat is still a little sore from post nasal drip, but my sinuses and head feel incredibly better/totally normal. I do have a bit of a runny nose now, and a few sneezes here and there, but on the whole, pretty good! My energy is back to normal and that is a very good thing, If I was sick any longer, we'd have had to burn down the house and start over!

Hopefully it's a LONG time before I'm down for the count again!

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