Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Oily Recipes

Just wanted to share a few recipes - mostly for my own sake, so I don't forget them - and not really coming up with a good system for keeping the recipes in a place where I can easily access, and share with others, so this works:-)

There is a popular allergy recipe, known as LLP, or Lemon, Lavender, Peppermint. We've (especially Brian and Kenna) have been suffering from seasonal allergies for a few weeks. The pollen count in our area is *insane*, and is literally visible - pollen will coat your car (and everything else) as you sleep, and then get washed away in the rain, causing almost florescent coloured yellow puddles. For people that are very sensitive - this is a nightmare. I've adjusted to it fairly well over the years we've been here, but Brian still gets affected. Runny nose, sinus pressure, low grade headaches, fatigue - and it probably lasts about a month or so, spring and fall.

After a few weeks of complaints from him (he refuses to try OTC solutions like Claritin or Zyrtec, has he hasn't yet found one that doesn't make him sleepy and "off" feeling - even the non-drowsy varieties) - I decided to mix up the "allergy bomb" and have him try it. Oils save the day again! I used my old Stress Away bottle, as it was empty and had a roller ball fitment on it.

I mixed 10 drops lemon, 10 drops lavender, and about 8 peppermint (recipe suggests equal amounts of each for diffusion, but didn't want the peppermint too strong applied topically. It's very strong and the fumes can make your eyes water). I didn't dilute this LLP mixture with any carrier oil, and he "rolls on" his sinuses and the neck/behind ear a few times daily.

After only one day, he commented on how well it worked, and how much better he felt. He uses it probably 3 times daily, rolled on, and has been doing so for about a week, and with no more allergy complaints!!

In the picture you can see a mason jar - that is my belly/stretch mark "cream". It is 12 oz grapeseed oil, 10 drops lemon, 10 drops grapefruit, 6 drops ginger, and 6 drops peppermint. Massage in after shower and before bed. This should help "shrink" belly and lessen the appearance of stretch marks. 

I have been using this for about 3 weeks, and so I have a little longer to go until I can say for sure how it's working. However, I think there's been some improvement!!

Using grapeseed oil as a carrier is really recommended. It absorbs faster than coconut or olive oils, and doesn't have a thick or greasy feel to it at all. 

And finally Thieves "Tea" is great for soothing a sore throat when you are feeling sick or have a cold and scratchy throat. Remember, Thieves is not only anti-bacterial, but also anti-viral, so it really helps in getting rid of things that conventional medicines cannot. It's a mainstay in our home, we love it.

Add to hot water

1-2 drops Thieves
2-3 drops lemon
honey - sweeten to taste

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