Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Top Ten - Vinegar

Vinegar - it's soooo useful! I'll share my top uses for this inexpensive "cure-all". If you are looking to either save money on your monthly budget, or be more earth or body friendly, by reducing the amount of chemicals in your home, then vinegar is for you!!

I don't know that my list is all inclusive, but this is just what I do with it. If you haven't tried some of these, give it a go and see how you like it!

1. Replace "jet dry" with vinegar. I just fill the rinse agent section in my dishwasher with vinegar instead of Jet Dry (or similar brand). It works wonderfully as a rinse aid, it's cheap, and it's not leaving any potential of chemical residue on the dishes you eat off of.

2. Replace fabric softener with vinegar. I actually make my own laundry detergent, and love it, but even if you don't - replacing fabric softener for vinegar is a good thing for your clothes! Or, if you don't use fabric softener at all, you can start, by using vinegar! I add this to the "center agitator" in my top loader, and when I had a front loader, I added it to the "softener" section in the pull out tray. And no, the clothes have ZERO trace of a "vinegar smell"

3. Replace glass cleaner with vinegar. Vinegar makes an excellent glass cleaner, and without the harsh smell of ammonia. Using a cloth/rag or paper towel, it gives a streak free clean just like Windex does. Can use it full strength, or diluted in water.

4. Replace bathroom cleaners with vinegar. Tub, toilet and sink/counter cleaners can all be replaced with vinegar in a re-purposed spray bottle. It works just as well as "normal" chemical filled cleaners, and is naturally mildew resistant, so it helps on those shower tiles or enclosures. You can dilute it with water if the smell is a little strong when in a shower area or something, though, while it doesn't smell great, it definitely isn't any worse than the harsh chemical cleaners. (Don't use other kids of vinegar for this one, stick to white. Brown vinegars can stain porous materials)

5. Replace floor cleaners with vinegar. Hardwood or linoleum or tile - they all love vinegar! I use the O Cedar mop to clean my floors - it works like a swiffer wet jet, only you make your own cleaner (vinegar and water).

6. Use vinegar as a training tool. Kenna was mouthy and sassy when she was little. If you put vinegar (any variety) in a travel size spray bottle, you can keep it in your purse and are able to immediately correct these behaviours (which are usually otherwise difficult to deal with quickly, and effectively) with a little squirt to the tongue. This can be easily done even while shopping or on the go. Kids obviously don't like the taste, and so it's a pretty quick reminder for them! I used this for whiney tone of voice (Brooks) too, and it doesn't take long, thats for sure! They get the message in very short order!

7. Replace dryer sheets with vinegar and wool balls. I recently wrote a post about this, so you can read the particulars here. But its a great way to reduce static in your laundry, give it a great (light) fresh smell, and even reduce the amount of energy used by decreasing dying time!

8. Replace ketchup with vinegar. Okay, okay, maybe don't replace ketchup - but definitely add to it! :-) I totally LOVE apple cider vinegar on my french fries. If you haven't tried it, you must!

9. Use vinegar to take the sting out. If you get stung by a jelly fish, apple cider vinegar is the best variety to get the sting out and take away the pain. Obviously this doesn't apply to those not frequenting the beach:-) We've never been stung, though have seen many many jellies. Once a young visiting friend got stung, and the vinegar totally did the trick. Keeping a small bottle in your beach bag is highly advisable, especially during jellyfish season (in our area, this is August on the Bay). It will also take the sting out of many varieties of bug bites.

10. Use vinegar as a weight loss aide/to support health. This is one I just can't do! I know it's effective, I just can't handle the taste of Apple Cider Vinegar! I've tried it with maple syrup, and all kinds of other tricks, but I just can't get it down. If you don't mind it though, it's a great way to support your body and overall health, and is also effective for weight loss.

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