Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Derby Cars

April 15 was the Derby Car Race at Awanas! The kids actually picked their car shape this year, and did 100% of the decorating themselves. In the past, Daddy has painted the base coat and whatever, but not this year! They were soooo pleased that they could paint it however they wanted! Brooks make his a landscaping truck, and we hot glued a few Playmobil rakes and a basket full of grass onto the back. We didn't win anything for speed this year, but the kids still had a great time racing and seeing who won their heats. I think Grey's car was the fastest of our three, consistently.
I forgot to mention, they were to participate in the Awana games this year too, in March. They practiced every Saturday in Jan and Feb as preparation! And The Games were on March 7th, but we were in the middle of pretty bad sickness (Brian and Brooks had the flu), so we couldn't go to the event! They were VERY sad about this, but the good news is that BOTH of their teams (Sparks and T&T) won first place! So proud of their friends/teammates for picking up the slack we created and doing so well. We heard it was a ton of fun!! Next year...:-)

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