Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Dickson Hill, Dorothy, and Daylilies

The house I grew up in, from my birth in '79 until I got married in summer '03. When my family moved to Western Canada in fall '03, it was a rental property until they sold it in '11. There is a post with better pictures of the house/property here:-) It happily housed all 13 Kennedy's (and is bigger than it looks from these angles!)


A quick trip in to visit "Grandma" Dorothy - she has been a family friend for over 35 years, and is a treasure for sure. We surprised her, and she said of our visit "I'll remember this forever".

My Aunt Lois passed away in Feb 2006 of cancer. She was a wonderful, beautiful woman, and since her passing, some family members had a daylily hybridized in her honour, and it's named the Lois Mary Exquisite. It has now grown enough to be split and shared, and pretty much all her family has planted the Lois Mary. I got my bulb planted as soon as we got home, and I hope it survives its journey well, and blooms each year here in Virginia. A beautiful tribute.

Auntie Lois (in yellow) and Auntie Donna (in blue), two of my Dad's sisters, in 1990

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