Saturday, August 30, 2014

Ethical Medical Research - ALS Challenge

The ice bucket challenge has been going around social media like wildfire. I've seen people refusing to do it for one reason or another, which is fine. It's a fad, it's ridiculous, it's narcissistic etc. all of that is true, and I get that. But it's also fun, and perhaps sparked life into something that people, on the whole, may have forgotten. It can be fun to do something for someone else. Even when it's pointless, I guess.

Anyway, I've notice a lot of people refusing to take part because ALS research is done using embryonic stem cells. And many people don't want to support that kind of research. What I think would be nice, is if those people were a little more knowledgeable, and a little more vocal about the options out there. Take the John Paul II Medical Research Institute, for example. A donation there goes a long way to helping find cures - without the questionable ethics that usually accompanies typical medical research.

Our donation will be going to, but not specifically earmarked for ALS, so that they can use the donation where ever they see the greatest need (and as ALS is a rare disease, and thanks to buckets of ice everywhere, now extremely well funded, it is probably not the greatest need in the research world).

Anyways, regardless on where you stand on the issue, and whether or not you choose to take part, it would be nice if places like were more well-known. It might also be nice to try doing something for someone, in secret, instead of on video, and seeing how much more rewarding that is. Then you can post about how great it felt. Haha. Welcome to the new world people.
So here is Brian''s been more than 24hrs, but hey - I'll get around to it. There hasn't been a convenient time in the past few days to re-do my hair. How utterly selfish sounding, but true. I'll do mine soon, promise:-)

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