Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Canada Trip

We are home from another magnificent trip to Canada! It was uneventful, trip wise, which is always the best kind of trip, in my opinion. The kids were excellent travel buddies. Especially on the way home, as we did it in one day (took us exactly 14 hrs with traffic and construction delays), and they were pretty overtired to start with.

They are already making mental note of all the things they want to do next year when we go (Lord willing, we'll plan to go each year).

It seemed like it took forever before traveling was "fun with kids" but it seems like we've finally hit that stage. For so long, it was just pretty terrible and stress inducing. Yes, we did attempt quite a few times, but it was never very fun. They are thankfully now at the ages/stages when it can be done without stress and can actually be enjoyable.

Van ride fun: Adventures in Odsessey, Shari Lewis CD, Ipod music, movies from portable DVD player, and games on the tablet. And snacks. Lots of snacks. I bring lots of snacks, drinks and food, so we can eat on the go without stopping. We make a few potty breaks along the way, but it's nice not to have to stop for food. On the way up (2 days), we didn't stop for food, and on the way home, we stopped and did drive thru for dinner, since breakfast and lunch had already been eaten in the car from my stash of food:-)

I'm going to start posting pics and videos of our adventures over the next couple of days, we managed to relax AND cram a lot of stuff into a 12 day trip!

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