Thursday, August 7, 2014

Cottage Life

Post will be very heavy on pictures, so I'll go light on words. Our cottage experience was AWESOME. It was the kids first time in fresh water (a lake), first time tubing...first time at a cottage, in fact:-) My Aunt Collette and Uncle Mike (My mom's sister), have this nifty cottage in Bobcaygeon, Ontario. So we spent a day with my mom's siblings, and their descendants. Sooo fun!
Uncle Mike, Teegan & Tatum (my cousins)

The cottage. A view from the dock

Fire pit area

Me, before I got changed:-)...on the dock, while all my cousins soak in the sun

Mattea & Kayla (my sisters girls)

tubing fun

Kenna tubing for the first time ever!

Uncle Mike and Teegan gave people rides on the Sea Doo

Cousins: Kenna and Kayla

Grey, a bit of a loner as always, mostly played by himself

Decks and docks. The perfect outdoor space

My mom's younger brother, my Uncle Trevor

My Grandpa Shantz (my moms' father)

Me, talking to my Aunt Caralyn (married to my Uncle)...looks like my cousin Teegan is eavesdropping? :-)

Uncle Trevor teaching Brooks how to fish

Brooks caught 4 fish. Bass, and sunfish

Another one Brooks caught

Trevor was like the Pied Piper...all the kids had to come and see all the fish!

My Cousin Tatum with her 1st cousins once removed, Grey (orange shirt) and Canaan (lifevest)

Cousins Kenna, Mattea and Grey

Going on my boat ride with my uncle Mike, my sister Lauryn and my brother in law Mark

We are on the "X Qs Me"

Mattea and her Great Uncle Trevor, fishing

Kayla eating ice cream

fish touching

Auntie Collette hung the pirate flag, ripped up an old pillowcase (to facilitate proper headgear), and declared a water war! Brooks, Kayla & Kenna, with their 2nd cousin Aaron.

Nicole (my cousin), and Katie (my cousin Jordan's wife) floating away

The "bridge" leads over to the 2 car garage, which is also completely surrounded by decks:-)

Aaron, Jackson (Collette's grandsons) with their second cousins, Mattea & Brooks, and their 1st cousin once removed, Holden

Tatum, creating a shield

Such fun

Grey. Playing from the side lines.

Jackson, Brooks & Holden - all cousin-ish. Holden is my first cousin, and Jackson is my cousin's son (so Brooks' 2nd cousin)
Kenna after her first tube ride. It was "so fun" but the water was "too cold" :-)

Family fun times

My Aunts, Caralyn & Collette, inside

The basement

The bar area

Water wars with Grey and Uncle Mark

Bridge to the garage


My first cousin Tatum, and Brooks. Toes in the water
My first cousins Jordan and Holden, with my nephew Canaan in the foreground
Brooks was very brave to try tubing! When he saw Kenna take off, he yelled from the safety of the deck "I'm gonna sit here an watch you die!" I guess he decided it wasn't all that hazardous!
My niece, Kayla Grace
Toes in the water.
Thumbs up, after an awesome tube ride!
Boating around Pigeon Lake, good bye all!

Lauryn, boating

Uncle Mike

Selfie on a boat

It was gorgeous! I love feeling the water as the boat speeds along

The kids found some shells. Kenna assured the kids that they could hear the ocean in these shell. That would be quite magical, indeed:-)

My cousin's son, Jackson

Brooks and Holden. Trouble.

A loon, flying over the water
The cottage. A fun time for one and all! Grateful to my Aunt and Uncle for hosting us all!

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